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Q: Are CCTV Systems Complicated?

A: For the most part, today’s modern equipment is self-adjusting and has a long trouble-free lifespan. Packaged cameras (such as a bullet camera) are self-contained units that include the lens, mounting bracket, housing and power supply in a single box. CCTV has become a “plug & play” market.


Q: C/CS Cameras


Fully functional camera with a built-in lens on a Printed Circuit Board. These cameras are not in a housing. Useful for concealing and building into custom applications.


Q: What is the purpose of CCTV?

A: It is a tool used to protect people, property, enhance safety, and improve productivity.


Q: What is CCTV?

A: Closed Circuit Television is a group of cameras, monitors and accessory equipment that work together as a system and are interconnected by various types of cables.


Q: what is pentaplex dvr and how does it work?

A: Pentaplex DVRs are multi-channel DVRs that can monitor and record up to 16 separate cameras. They're designed for security monitoring.


Q: How do I modify the user's personal information?

A: After logging in, click on "My ishop", enter the page and then click the "information" can be changed at any time the membership information


Q: Member registration, must have input real information?

A: Yes. Real information must be entered in the Register, ishop ensure the safety of the privacy. Real name, and be conducive to accurate shipments, unforeseen circumstances you can also quickly get in touch.