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Q: What is mobile DVR?

A: Mobile DVR solutions are RUGGED Digital Video Recorder systems that have been built SPECIFICALLY for TRANSIT / TRANSPORTATION based video surveillance. A mobile DVR (digital video recorder) has been specially designed for applications in buses, trucks, taxi, trams, metro, ambulance and other private vehicles.


Q: What is the difference between a regular DVR and mobile DVR? What is so special about the mobile DVR?


The main difference between a regular DVR and a mobile DVR lies in the environments in which they are meant to be used.

POWER SUPPLY – a regular DVR draws power from adaptor / indoor power supply And has steady voltage – DC 12V and constant power supply. Whereas, a mobile DVR is powered by the vehicle & supports wide voltage input/ unstable voltage during engine start-up or braking when voltage falls to 8V or less or spikes up to as high as 36V.

ANTI-VIBRATION MECHANISM – a mobile DVR is constructed keeping in mind the Vibration which is inevitable in vehicles as they are constantly in motion; which may lead to mechanical failure. The mobile DVR uses materials used for anti-vibration / shock-proof mechanisms.

DUST PREVENTION & HEAT DISSIPATION – a regular DVR is installed in open/well ventilated area and has simple design to dissipate heat working temperature range -10° ~50°C. A mobile DVR is made for installation in confined spaces and compartments where working temperature may range from -20° ~70°C and up to 95% humidity. The material & construct of the DVR allows heat dissipation and reduces dust from entering.

CONSTRUCT – a regular DVR utilizes BNC connector cable whereas the mobile DVR has aviation specification interface in place to combine devices- a rugged and solid Interface which ensures continuous transmission of power, signals and other data without failure.

DATA TRANSMISSION – regular DVR requires LAN connection / and recommended 4G/3G dongles for data transmission. Does not have GPS, or any secondary data storage option.
A Mobile DVR utilizes Wi-Fi, 4G & 3G networks, which enable real-time transmission of data collected from the vehicle in – video, location, speed and inertial measurements.


Q: What is the difference between a regular DVR and mobile DVR w.r.t remote monitoring?

A: A regular DVR for remote monitoring has the option of cloud and DDNS. A DVR can be directly viewed through the cloud, whereas in the case of mobile DVR a server needs to be d


Q: What is G-sensor in DVR? What does it do?

A: The G-sensor or G-shock sensor works by detecting any movement of the vehicle. G-sensor supports in motion detection by Identifying driving habits, and detecting – heavy acceleration/hard braking/sharp turns/crash etc.


Q: Does the mobile DVR come with standby mode in case of low battery voltage?

A: Yes, the mobile DVR comes with a smart power management system. If the DVR detects that the battery’s voltage is lower than the given value, the device will shut down automatically and switch to its ultralow standby consumption.


Q: What is the power requirement for the mobile DVR? Ideal power supply

A: Power requirement range 8V DC ~ 36V DC.