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Solar 4G Camera

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  • Features
  • Technical parameters
  • Product Application

1.Fixed Lens+Optical Zoom Lens 2.8mm+4.9-47.04mm(10X optical zoom)

2.Dual screen display

3.3MP+3MP resolution

4.Linkage alarm


6.4G And Wifi Version Optional

7.Easy installation ,Indoor+Outdoor

8.Laser Irs,Color night vision ,Viewer 60Meters Clearly

9.Remotely control

10.Cloudand TF card storage Optional

unique selling point

• Dual sensor: With ultra-wide-angle bullet camera lens + 10X optical zoom dual lens, two monitoring images, long-distance video which is much clearly

• Bullet camera: the horizontal direction can be adjusted manually (the angle with the bracket can reach 350 degrees), ptz camera: electric adjustment, horizontal direction 350°, vertical direction 90°

•2pcs laser lights: the night vision distance is much longer than the ordinary infrared lights, and the night vision distance is clearly visible up to 50 meters; 10pcs infrared lights/white lights: the night vision at close range is clearly and without vignetting

• The ptz camera part is made of all metal: it dissipates heat quickly, preventing the zoom lens from getting hot, ensuring clear night vision images and extending the camera life.

• With dual PIR sensors,PIR distance about 12 meters, wider detection range.

• 10x optical zoom camera,small size,cheaper shipping costs, IP66 waterproof

• Support Bluetooth connection, connection is simple and fast

main features

•6W monocrystalline silicon solar panel, 12000MA built-in lithium battery

• Built-in microphone and speaker, support two way audio function

• Use T40N high-performance processor to achieve humanoid detection + humanoid tracking (note: it needs to work in active preview or full-time recording mode)

• PIR human body induction alarm push to reduce invalid alarms caused by disturbance

• Supports cloud storage and local TF card storage (max 128GB).

• APP supports Android/IOS, the product is stable and reliable

• Supports linkage (bullet  camera to view panoramic video,ptz camera to zoom in to view on-site enlarged video); it also supports independent monitoring of two cameras, one camera for dual purposes.

AI function

guard position

It is convenient for the device to return to the initial monitoring position after moving or tracking.

(Note: It can only be used in "full-time recording" mode. The battery in full-time recording mode consumes power faster.)


can set 16 preset positions and directly call the viewing preview position, making the operation simpler


Add 2-4 preset positions as cruise points. After turning on, the device will cruise according to the order.

Humanoid detection

Enable adding human traces to filter the false alarm rate caused by motion detection

humanoid tracking

After being turned on in the humanoid detection state, and in the full-time recording mode, the humanoid movement trajectory is tracked.

products name

Low power consumption 10X zoom linkage ptz camera

model number


The main parameters




2pcs 1/2.9″ Image cmos Sensor

video encoding


Video resolution

2304×1296+1296/15fps  640×360/15fps

audio encoding

AAC and G.726

operating system


Networking method (optional)


Choose different frequency band 4G modules according to the region



4G SIM cards

Nano SIM Supports most countries in Europe, the United States, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Oceania

Alarm mode

Detection method

Human body infrared PIR detection in low power mode

Detection distance

Dual-channel PIR detection, 5-12M (theoretical value 12M)

Detection angle


Alarm mode

Push alarm information or alarm video to your mobile phone

night vision



Night vision mode

Infrared night vision + white light full-color night vision mode (optional)

Mode control

Select to switch to night vision mode in the APP preview interface

LED lights

10 pcs dual-core lights + 2 pcs laser lightsEffective IR distance up to 50m


bullet camera lens


ptz camera lens

4.9-47.04mm 10X optical zoom



Built-in high-volume waterproof speaker


Built-in HD waterproof microphone


ptz angle

ptz camera: 350° in the horizontal direction and 90° in the vertical direction; bullet camera: can be manually adjusted, 350° in the horizontal direction

Recording mode

cloud storage

Support (note: you need to pay for value-added services)

local storage

TF card recording (support max 128GB), the recording time can be freely ed from 5s-10s-20s-30s or full-time recording

Video playback

Event list playback and cloud storage playback

Wake/sleep time

Sleep immediately/15S sleep/30S sleep/60S sleep/no sleep, 5 modes available

Distribution network

(1) Bluetooth configuration (2) QR code scanning (3) Sonic configuration (WIFI), all 3 modes can be configured




Power supply mode

Battery powered, solar light charges the battery

USB chaeging

type-ccharging input 5V 2A

battery capacity

12000MA optional

Solar power



working environment


working temperature


Working humidity


Engineering installation

The camera and solar panel are installed separately, equipped with a 5-meter special extension cord, and the solar panel can be installed at a long distance (optional)


The camera cannot be connected to back-end devices such as NVR and PC.