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RFID Reader

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IP65 epoxy resin sealant, water-proof and rain-proof.
Communication cable adopted 1.5 m 4 Pin shield cable with 5557-4 connector.
Support all types of cards (S50, S70, ULtralight, Desfire, Mifare, Plus, Mifare Pro,
ShenZhen transcard and YangChengTong) under the protocol of ISO14443A, allowed to
set-up to read only one card number or all types of card numbers at the same time. It
also supports the latest S50 and S70 for 7 bytes card number.
Optional settings to read card serial number or card data area.
Password function, the card reader will only read the card when the password matches.
Functions set-up of card reader is operated by software or “setting card”. The “setting
card” can be set with password.


AY-MCR1812 is a high frequency and non-contact IC card reader which is suitable for GPS mobile DVR device. It’s very popular among GPS mobile DVR end-users because of its           
small size, easy installation and multi functions which is widely used for staff attendance management of logistics vehicles and other vehicles management solutions.